CI and NE: how to use them.

Non ti preccupare. Ci penso io! Don’t worry. I will do it.  (here CI replaces it)

Ci tengo molto alla mia famiglia. My family is very important to me.  (here CI is part of the verbo proninamle tenerci).

Ne posso parlare io con tuo frarello? Can I talk about that with your brother? (here NE replaces about that)

Ho bisogno di un qualche mela. Visto che vai al supermercato, ne puoi comprare un kilo? I need some apples. Given you are going to the grocery store, can you by me some? (here NE replaces some).

The pronouns CI and NE often make troubles when it comes to use them.  Follow the below rules to find out how to use them properly in the sentences.




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