L’amore non è bello, se non è litigarello There is no equivalent in English, altough I found out that Shakespeare would have said ‘The course of true love never did run smooth‘. The above Italian proverb pretends to ease the tension after a little quarrel by objecting that a relationship can’t be completely ‘bella’ (or[…]

Making a proposal, accept it or turn it down in Italian!

Italians have a reputation to be people that love hanging out with friends and family. Making an invitation, as well as accpeting or rejecting it might come you in handy if you happen to live in Italy or having Italian friends. There are several different ways to ask somebody out… Andiamo al cinema  / a[…]

How to use the expression ‘Mi tocca..(fare qualcosa)’.

  As some of you might already know, the verb ”toccare” means in English to touch. Altough, when used in the impersonal form as in the following expression –> mi tocca + infinitive, it changes completely its original meanings. Domani è domenica e i supermercati sono chiusi, perciò mi tocca fare la spesa oggi! Tra[…]