5 most common mistakes beginners make when speaking Italian

Here is a list of the 5 most common grammatical mistakes that beginners/intermediate students tend to make when speaking Italian. 1- The use of the definite masculine articles  IL – LO and I – GLI. LO is used instead of IL before singular nouns starting with s + consonant, ps, gn, x, y, z. GLI is used instead[…]

15 popular Italian idioms with animals

1.Muto come un pesce. Literally: Quiet as fish. Figurative: to  be very quiet. Giuro che sarò muto come un pesce – I swear I won’t say a word. 2.Sano come un pesce. Literally: Fit as a fish. Figurative: very healthy. Sono sano come un pesce. I am fit as a fiddle. 3. Essere un asino[…]