The adverb ‘ANZI’. What does it mean? How to use it?

Anzi è un avverbio che non ha una traduzione esatta in inglese e in molte altre lingue straniere. Diciamo pure che il suo uso è spesso di difficile comprensione per i non nativi. Tuttavia, l’avverbio anzi è usato frequentamene nella lingua italiana, soprattutto nella lingua parlata. Ma quando e come si usa? 1- si usa[…]

Fare la spesa or fare spese? Lezione sul vocabolario dello shopping.

When it comes to buying things, Italian use a variety of different expressions, let’s see some of them: Fare la spesa -> buying groceries Fare shopping -> buying clothes Fare compere/acquisti/spese->  buying anything but food Fare commissioni -> running errands   Vocabolario del supermecato la spesa -> grocery shopping il carrello -> shopping cart la[…]

La preposizione semplice ”DA”

The Italian preposition DA means most of times from, but it is also used  with different meaning, such as: since/for, to, at etc… DA is typically used to express: Time, together with an indicative tense and a period of time: example: verb + DA + period of time Da quanto tempo studi l’italiano? Studio l’italiano[…]

The impersonal form with ‘SI’

The impersonal form is used when the subject in sentences is not specified. It corresponds to the English ONE (one drink very good coffee in Italy), YOU (you drink very good coffee in Italy), THEY meaning a number of unspecified people (they drink very good coffee in Italy). The impersonal form is made by using the the pronoun[…]

ESSERE VS STARE. What’s the difference?

I often happened to be asked by my students what is the actual difference between the verbs ESSERE and STARE, as they both can be translated into one single verb in many other languages (French, English, German, Polish…), that is to say TO BE. Let’s start from clarifying that the Italian translation of ‘TO BE’[…]

Top 10 most frequent irregual verbs in Italian

Many important verbs of the present tense are irregular: it means that they do not follow the regular pattern when it comes to conjugate them. The following list shows the top 10 most frequent irregular verbs in Italian. They happen to be very important and much used verbs, therefore you’d better master them in order[…]