La preposizione semplice ”DA”

The Italian preposition DA means most of times from, but it is also used  with different meaning, such as: since/for, to, at etc…

DA is typically used to express:

Time, together with an indicative tense and a period of time:

example: verb + DA + period of time

  • Da quanto tempo studi l’italiano? Studio l’italiano da cinque anni, dal 2012 (How long have you been studying Italian? For five years, since 2012)

Place: meaning at/at the house of a person or people:

  • Vado da Maria (I go to somebody, the house of somebody)
  • Stasera studio da Giulia (at the house of Giulia)

Origin or source, meaning from:

  • Da dove vieni? Vengo da Stoccolma (Where are you from? I am from..)
  • Il treno arriva da Roma (The train arrives from..)

The beginning of a period of time together with the preposition A:

  • Lavoro da lunedì a giovedì (I work from Mon to Thu)

Function, in a variety of fixed expressions:

  • Camera da letto (bedroom)
  • Sala da pranzo (living room)
  • Casa da sogno (dream house
  • Scarpe da tennis (basket shoes)

DA is also used followed by an infinitive after molto (a lot), poco (little), niente (nothing), qualcosa (something):

  • Vuole qualcosa da bere? (Do you want something to drink?)
  • Non ho niente da fare oggi? (I don’t have anything to do today)