One of the hidden gems of Sicily : Milazzo

Far from the crowds and the standard archaeological sights and the touristy beach towns, Sicily reserves endless hidden gems for those wishing to visit the Island off the beaten path and discovering the authenticity of its places and the people. Today I want to write about Milazzo, a small town rich in natural and cultural[…]

Off the beaten track Italy: discovering Aosta

    Where is it? The city of Aosta is the capital of Aosta Valley (the smaller and less inhabited region in Italy) It is situated at the very north of Italy and  it shares  borders with France and Switzerland. What is the offical language? Why such a question? Because Italian is not the only[…]

The impersonal form with ‘SI’

The impersonal form is used when the subject in sentences is not specified. It corresponds to the English ONE (one drink very good coffee in Italy), YOU (you drink very good coffee in Italy), THEY meaning a number of unspecified people (they drink very good coffee in Italy). The impersonal form is made by using the the pronoun[…]

5 most common mistakes beginners make when speaking Italian

Here is a list of the 5 most common grammatical mistakes that beginners/intermediate students tend to make when speaking Italian. 1- The use of the definite masculine articles  IL – LO and I – GLI. LO is used instead of IL before singular nouns starting with s + consonant, ps, gn, x, y, z. GLI is used instead[…]


Il cappuccino è una bevanda calda italiana al gusto di caffè, a base di espresso e latte caldo. Spesso viene servito nei bar con una spolverata di cacao amaro o cannella. La bevanda prende il nome dai frati Cappuccini e fa riferimento al colore dei loro abiti. In Italia, il cappuccino si beve solitamente solo[…]

23 ways to use the verb “FARE”

Other than being an irregular verb, FARE is used in Italian in a number of many useful expressions. Let’s see some of them: Fare i compiti: to do the homework Fare le pulizie: to do the cleanings Fare un biglietto: to buy a ticket Fare una passeggiata: to go for a walk Fare un giro:[…]