• I have a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Aosta, Italy.

    I also am also fully qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language to foreigners, as a matter of fact in 2016 I earned the CEDILS  (Certificazione in Didattica dell’Italiano a Stranieri /Certification to teach Italian to foreigners) from the University of Venice, Italy.

  •  have been tutoring Italian learning since 2011 in different locations like France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Japan.  In 2014 I started to teach on the internet to students from around the world like the United States, Israel and Russia.  I continue to maintain students from my early teaching years.

  • Other than Italian, I can speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Sicilian and I have a rough command of Brazilian Portuguese, German and Slovakian. I have also been studying the basics of Czech and Russian.

  • The lessons are focused on what you choose to focus on.  I have lessons devoted to vocabulary, grammar, and Italian culture.  Regardless of the lesson you prefer, they all focus on speaking and comprehension.  I will help you with proper pronunciation and give you tips on how to understand Italian native speakers better. 

    We will have one-on-one conversations in which your abilities will be assessed. 

    I will listen carefully and correct mistakes and give you advice as needed. 

    Even if you are a complete beginner, I will introduce basic conversations and we will be speaking in Italian from lesson 1. 

  • Because my lessons are focused on conversation, we will be speaking in Italian from day one. Achieving mastery can be a lifetime journey,  however becoming fluent is possible in a relatively short time if you are motivated and practise as much as regularly as you can.