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Cappuccino Course

Cappuccino Course

Standard Italian Course for Beginners and absolute beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Students


Italian Conversational lessons for Advanced students – Get out of your comfort zone and speak like a native


Specific Italian Training for Business & Academic purposes (CILS, CELI, proof reading)


30 minutes Italian chit-chat to keep your Italian up-to-date.

My four key concepts in language learning

Power topics

I use topics that are relevant to you. If you are interested in what we are talking about, there is a better chance you won’t forget the words and expressions we use. In our first session, we will discuss your interests and I will try to build your lessons around those topics.

Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary lists or Flashcards will pave you the way towards fluency.  I will show you how to make your own flashcards out of our lessons. Vocabulary knowledge is critical to reading and listening comprehension and effective communication. 

Use it or lose it

Re­pe­ti­tion a key factor in lan­guage learn­ing.  According to many academic studies, even short repetitive exposure to novel words make it easier to remember.



Description of images or allow the students to express new ideas, use new vocabulary and grammatical structures and put such languages skills to use in the broader context of events and ideas in the story. In our sessions and I will use visual inputs (comics, photos, videos).


  • Francesco, USA

    Francesco, USA

    Serena is such a fantastic teacher.She offers great lessons on a wide variety of topics- from geography to music to grammar. I've really enjoyed getting to know Serena over the last 6 months and talking with her at this point is like talking to an old friend. My Italian has really improved in my time with her and I truly appreciate her encouraging, passionate approach. I'm endlessly impressed by her abilities and I can't recommend her enough if you are considering her for Italian lessons.

  • Sari, Israel

    Sari, Israel

    Da quando ho iniziato fare le lezioni italiane con Serena, sono diventato molto passionato a questa bellissima lingua, e ogni le settimane non vedo l’ora per la prossima lezione con Serena di iniziare.

  • Svetlana, Russia

    Serena is one of the best teachers I have ever had! I have been with her for over a year. I love her comprehensive and individualized approach to teaching the language. Her lessons are never dull, they always are a good mix of practising vocabulary, reading comprehension, conversation and grammar. Serena frequently includes articles from different sources relevant to the topic of the lesson. Thank you, Serena!!!

  • Jouko, Finland

    Serena was fantastic! Serena è stata fantastica! She helped me with a couple of books and we chatted about life in general, grazie ancora Serena, sei stata di gran aiuto!! I hope to see you again soon, spero di rivederti presto

  • John, USA

    'Serena is amazing. We have taken almost 70 lessons together and I can definitely see the results. When we started, I could not string a sentence together in Italian and, now, although I still have much to learn, we are talking in Italian for almost the full hour. I owe that to her patience, direction and overall good spirit. I am very happy to have found her and would recommend her to anyone.'

  • Uta, Germany

    Grazie mille per un altro anno delle lezioni ottime e divertenti, Uta

  • Jacqui, UK

    Serena was very professional and patient. She gave me the time to think and prepare my responses, gently prompting when I was either struggling or made errors. She was very attentive and quick to assess my needs and level. I enjoyed my trial lesson very much and am looking forward to continuing with Serena.



  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Aosta, Italy.

    I also am also fully qualified to teach Italian as a foreign language to foreigners, as a matter of fact in 2016 I earned the CEDILS  (Certificazione in Didattica dell’Italiano a Stranieri /Certification to teach Italian to foreigners) from the University of Venice, Italy.

  • I have been tutoring Italian learning since 2011 in different locations like France, Spain, and the United Kingdom, Slovakia and Japan.  In 2014 I started to teach on the internet to students from around the world like the United States, Israel and Russia.  I continue to maintain students from my early teaching years.

  • Other than Italian, I can speak fluently French, English, Spanish and Sicilian and I have a rough command of Brazilian Portuguese, German and Slovakian. I have also been studying the basics of Czech and Russian.

  • The lessons are focused on what you choose to focus on.  I have lessons devoted to vocabulary, grammar, and Italian culture.  Regardless of the lesson you prefer, they all focus on speaking and comprehension.  I will help you with proper pronunciation and give you tips on how to understand Italian native speakers better. 

    We will have one-on-one conversations in which your abilities will be assessed. 

    I will listen carefully and correct mistakes and give you advice as needed. 

    Even if you are a complete beginner, I will introduce basic conversations and we will be speaking in Italian from lesson 1. 

  • Because my lessons are focused on conversation, we will be speaking in Italian from day one. Achieving mastery can be a lifetime journey,  however becoming fluent is possible in a relatively short time if you are motivated and practise as much as regularly as you can.