Valentine’s day post:14 names Italian use between lovers

As Valentine’s day is approaching I thought about listing the most popular names that Italians use between lovers (and in same cases between close friends). The listing is accompained with the literal English translation, however all of the followings might sound in English like darling, sweetheart, honey and the likes.


Tesoro (and the abbreviation tesò) : treasure

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Caro/a : dear

Cucciolotto /a : little puppy

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Pasticcino : small cake

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Amore (and the abbreviation amò) : love

Amoruccio : little cute love

Gioia : joy

Vita mia : life of mine

Piccolo/a : little

Stellina : little start

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Ciccino :  something little and puffy

Luce : light

Orsacchiotto/a : little bear

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