In this page you will find a complete list of sentences that will make your life easier when at a restaurant in Italy.

Before going through the list, you might also want to know that..

  1. It is customary to be seated or to make a reservation,  especially at weekends.
  2. On paying, unlikely from many other countries a tip is not expected because included in the bill under the voice coperto. However, if the service was excellent you can leave a tip to show your satisfaction for the service.
  3. We have mostly four different types  of restaurants:

the proper ristorantea place where you can expect a full-service, a touch of gourmet, a professional staff and a higher price. It’s the place to have a more sophisticated food. The atmosphere should me more sophisticated too.

la trattoria: less pricey and less formal than a restaurant, it is usually a family owned business. It’s the place to have the traditional and comfort Italian food. The atmosphere is usually rustic.

la pizzeria: a pizzeria in Italy works just like any other restaurants. You make a reservation for a table and then you order from the menu. Often antipasti are also served. 

la rosticceria (mainly in the South of Italy): it’s an informal take away place with none or few tables where Italians lie to buy ready to eat comfort fried food (arancini, calzoni, mozzarelle in carrozza and the likes)




Vorrei / Vorremmo prenotare un tavolo per domani sera alle 19 – I/ We would like to book at table for tomorrow night at 7 pm

Domani a mezzogiorno  – tomorrow at midday

Domani alle 13  – tomorrow at 1 pm 

Un tavolo per due – a table for two 

Un tavolo per tre  – a table for three 

Un tavolo per quattro  – a table for four



Potrei avere il menù?  –  Could I have the menu?

Posso vedere il menù? –  Can I see the menu? 

Potrei avere la carta dei vini? –  Could I have the wine list?

Potrei avere il menù dei dolci?  – Could I have the dessert menu?

Avete un menù per bambini? –  Do you have a children’s menu?

Avete un menù del giorno? –  Do you have a daily menu?

Qual è il piatto del giorno? –  What is the dish of the day?

Sul menù c’è ‘un antipasto della casa’, che cos’è? – On the menu I read ‘Antipasto della casa’, what is it?

Lei cosa mi consiglia? – What would you recommend me? 

Sono allergico/a a..  – I am allergic to…

Latticini – dairy products 

Glutine- gluten 

Sono vegetariano – I am a vegetarian 

Sono vegano – I am a vegan

Non mangio carne di maiale  – I don’t eat pork

Per me / Prendo / Vorrei  – I’ll have…

Un antipasto di mare

Spaghetti alle vongole

Una macedonia

Una porzione di patatine fritte  – a portion of.. 

– Una cotoletta

– Pasta

– Carne al sangue – rare meat

– Carne poco cotta  – medium rare

– Carne ben cotta  – well-done meat

Scusa, mi (ci) può portare… del pane? Una bottiglia d’acqua? Dell’olio?  – Excuse-me, could I have some..bread? A bottle of water? Some oil?


Siete pronti per ordinare? – Are you ready to order?

Posso portarvi da bere?  – Can I get you something to drink?

L’acqua gasata o naturale? – The water sparkling or still?


La pizza è bruciata – the pizza is burned

L’insalata è scondita – the salad is undressed

La zuppa è fredda – the salad is cold

La pasta è fredda – the pasta is cold

C’è ancora molto da aspettare? – is our food long?

Stiamo aspettando da troppo tempo – we are waiting too long


Il conto, per favore – The bill, please

Paga in contanti o con carta? – Do you pay cash or by card?

Pagate insieme o separatamente? – Do you pay all together or separately?

Posso pagare con carta di credito? – Can I pay by credit card?

Dividiamo il conto  – Les’s split it



Posso offrirle un caffè o un amaro? – Can I buy you an espresso or a liquor?

Il pranzo /la cena è di vostro gradimento? – Did you like the meal?

Tutto apposto? – Was everything alright?

Vuole qualcos’altro? No grazie – Do you want anything else?