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  1. Mike Maran
    October 23, 2020 @ 9:32 am

    Hallo, At the top of thr page re ‘ne’ and ‘ci’ I read that ‘ci’ ‘often appears in combination with pensare’ And yet one of the first examples is ‘Che pensi di Maria? Che ne pensi?’ Then later I read ‘Pensi a Maria? Ci pensi’. The important difference seems to be between ‘pensare di and pensare a. It’s very tricky stuff. Ciao! Mike


    • Serena
      October 23, 2020 @ 1:52 pm

      Ciao Mike,

      “Pensare di” and “pensare a” have different meaning and so you should opt for the correct pronoun CI/NE accordingly.

      Penso a Maria = Ci penso
      Cosa pensi di Maria = Cosa ne pensi?

      Happy to help



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