✅ challenging topics to keep your motivation high

✅ develop confidence in speaking Italian 

✅ expand your vocabulary

✅ speak Italian as a native person would

✅ tips and tricks to achieve fluency in Italian

✅ Italian cultural prompts

✅ progress tracking

✅ the chance to speak Italian as if were chatting over a cappuccino in Italy


What level do I need to take conversation Italian lessons?

To make the most out of the class you need at least to have an A2 level. It means that you have covered (or you are covering) the fundamental Italian Grammar and you have a certain level on independence to string sentences together, ask and understand simple questions.

Tell me more about the way you teach

The lessons happen on Skype or Zoom (preferred). I use Google Docs to write down corrections or suggestions. Depending on the number of lessons you buy, I will provide you with a plan for the lessons. For instance, if you buy a 10 lessons packages we will plan them in advance.


the three main principles of my lessons

Power Topics

We use topics which are meaningful to you. I believe that merging one’s interests or hobbies with Italian language learning is the key to learn Italian or any other languages efficiently and successfully. 

stress-free zone

You learn in a no judgemental atmosphere. You are not a school anymore. I am just a native Italian person with whom you can practise the real language as if you were in Italian chatting up in Italian over a cup of coffee.


We design a system that works for you after discussing those weak points that you want to improve and your short and long term Italian learning goals. 


Here are what people say about me.

  • Per me ogni lezione con Serena è un grande incentivo ad imparare sempre più italiano. Grazie, Uta

    Uta, Germany
  • Serena doesn’t only teach Italian in a most professional way but she also knows how to trigger one’s deepest passions for this incredible, colourful and flowery language. 

    Sari, Israel
    Polyglot & University Student
  • She is excellent at finding your weak points and guiding you towards improving them. I could not wish for a better teacher than Serena!


    Svetlana, USA




10 % of what we read
20 % of what we hear
30 % of what we see
50 % of what we see and hear
70 % of what we discuss with others
80 % of what we personally experience
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