Most Common -ARE Verbs in Italian

Present Tense of ‘parlare‘ (regular verb) 

IoparloI speak
TuparliYou speak (singular, informal)
Lui/LeiparlaHe/She speaks
NoiparliamoWe speak
VoiparlateYou speak (plural)
LoroparlanoThey speak
conjugation of “are verbs” with the present tense

As a beginner, a good practice to build up your vocabulary fast in Italian is to make a list of the high-frequency verbs and words that Italians use every day. When it comes to verbs, the most frequent ones belong to the first group (the ‘-are’ group). Interestingly, verbs ending in ‘-are’ have only four irregular verbs: ‘fare’, ‘dare’, ‘stare’, ‘andare’, and their derivatives.

Smart tip. If you’re just starting to learn Italian, a smart way to boost your vocabulary quickly is by focusing on high-frequency verbs and common daily words. When it comes to verbs, the ones ending in ‘-are’ are among the most used. What’s neat is that most ‘-are’ verbs are regular, meaning they follow a predictable pattern. Only four verbs in this group are irregular: ‘fare’ (to do/make), ‘dare’ (to give), ‘stare’ (to stay), and ‘andare’ (to go), along with their related forms. So, honing in on these verbs can give you a solid foundation for Italian conversation and comprehension.

List of the most common ‘-ARE’ verbs in Italian

Andareto goIrregular Verb
Dareto giveIrregular Verb
Stareto stayIrregular Verb
Fareto do, to makeIrregular Verb
Mangiareto eatRegular Verb
Parlareto speakRegular Verb
Arrivareto arriveRegular Verb
Amareto loveRegular Verb
Trovareto findRegular Verb
Lavorareto workRegular Verb
Giocareto playRegular Verb
Iniziareto startRegular Verb
Cominciareto startRegular Verb
Comprareto buyRegular Verb
Studiareto studyRegular Verb
Guardareto watchRegular Verb
Ascoltareto listenRegular Verb
Camminareto walkRegular Verb
Pensareto thinkRegular Verb
Tornareto returnRegular Verb
Abitareto live, to resideRegular Verb
Cercareto seek, to look forRegular Verb
Telefonareto callRegular Verb
Chiamareto callRegular Verb
Passareto spend timeRegular Verb
Lasciareto leaveRegular Verb
Cantareto singRegular Verb
Lavareto washRegular Verb
Incontrareto meetRegular Verb
Dimenticareto forgetRegular Verb
Ricordareto rememberRegular Verb
Preparareto prepareRegular Verb
Aiutareto helpRegular Verb
Viaggiareto travelRegular Verb
Guidareto driveRegular Verb
Mandareto sendRegular Verb
Visitareto visitRegular Verb
Usareto useRegular Verb
Cucinareto cookRegular Verb
Spiegareto explainRegular Verb
Continuareto continueRegular Verb
Cenareto eat dinnerRegular Verb
Pranzareto eat lunchRegular Verb
Accettareto acceptRegular Verb
Imparareto learnRegular Verb
Insegnareto teachRegular Verb
Fumareto smokeRegular Verb
Regalareto give as a giftRegular Verb
Litigareto argueRegular Verb
most common “are” verbs, in Italian (1st group verbs)

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