Italian Language Course for Beginners (A1-A2)


The course is for you if you are a beginner or a false beginner and aims at empowering your linguistic brain by gradually assimilating the fundamental grammar and vocabulary needed to get you to build sentences and get yourself understood by natives.


Before buying 

  • contact me
  • tell me how many classes you would like to take and where are you from
  • drop a few lines about your learning goals
  • book a trial class with me

What is going to happen during the trial class

  • I will assess your level and think about a learning plan for you
  • we will set a schedule and learning goals


  • each class lasts 50 minutes
  • you pay upfront the upcoming classes
  • we set together weekly, biweekly or monthly lessons schedule
  • if you buy a bulk of classes it will expire 90 days after the purchase date
  • cancellation is not allowed 24h prior to the class
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