Migliora il tuo italiano con i PODCAST

Questo è il programma giusto per te se 

✔ vuoi migliorare il tuo italiano orale esponenzialmente e in poco tempo (4 settimane)

✔ vuoi usare materiale autentico e interessante, addio soliti stereotipi  e luoghi comuni

✔hai bisogno di un Coach che ti aiuti a identificare i tuoi punti deboli da migliorare

✔ vuoi intraprendere un percorso di studio intelligente ed efficace

✔ hai un livello B1+, B2, C1 dell’italiano, ovvero intermedio-avanzato


    Italian Conversation Lessons

    This program is for you  if

    ✔ you want to improve dramatically your Italian conversational skills 

    ✔ you have hit a learning plateau in Italian

    ✔ you want to polish up your Italian of imperfections and recurring errors

    you have at least an A2 level


    Speaking Booster 

    This is a program for you if

    ✔ you have little chance to practise Italian speaking in your community 

    ✔ speaking is your weak point and you want to overcome it

    ✔ you have little time to spend learning Italian and you want to do it efficiently 

    ✔you need a language coach to track your progress and point you out in the direction

    ✔ you have at least an upper beginner level (A2)

      Who is your Coach?

      Who is your Coach?

      I am a polyglot and an Italian Language Coach. After learning 8+ foreign languages and working long hours a job I was not born for, I decided I needed a significant life change. I combined what I love to do with what I am good at and I became an Italian online Language Coach. I have been sharing my love for Italy and the Bella Lingua across the world for the last four years. My mission is helping inspiring humans to find effective and efficient ways to integrate Italian Learning into their lives.

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