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Best Italian textbooks for beginners


Best Italian grammar books for beginners 

Italian sentences builder

A fantastic self-study resource for visual learners and those who learn through repetition. This textbook for beginners covers a great deal of the basics of the Italian grammar and vocabulary.

Italian Grammar drills

Drill book in Italian for all levels. There is no English in the explanations because this is an entirely Italian textbook. Good for those who need to go over and over all of the grammar topics from A1 to C1.

Italian grammar for English speakers

For English native speakers, this is an excellent Italian grammar and drill book. Each unit covers a grammar topic with contemporary Italian examples and English comparisons. . Drills and translations exercises round out each unit. It’s a little old-school, but why reinvent the wheel?

Understanding the Italian grammar

Romance language like Italian are easier to learn with the use of grammar. If you haven’t ever learned grammar in English – this is book will be essential to understand and learn the Italian grammar with ease.

Italian textbooks for beginners and intermediate students  

A1 Italian textbook

A killer A1 course-book for beginners who enjoy learning with structure and a goal. This textbook covers essential Italian grammar and vocabulary for beginners. It’s excellent when used with a tutor and can be a fantastic help for solo learners too.

A2 Italian textbook

A killer A2 course-book for lower intermediate learners who enjoy learning with structure and a goal. This textbook covers pre-intermediate Italian grammar and vocabulary.

B1 Italian textbook

A killer B1 course-book for intermediate learners who enjoy learning with structure and a goal. This textbook covers intermediate Italian grammar and vocabulary. This book is especially helpful for the students preparing for B1 Italian certification.

Italian methods for self-paced learning

Italian audio course

The Michel Thomas method is evergreen for language learners. Entirely audio based, Thomas breaks the language into digestible bites. Every audio last about 5 minutes and can be easily integrated to your regular Italian course.

Italian prep books for the B1 citizenship exam

CILS UNO B1 prep book

A great prep book for the CILS 1 B1 exam. It comprises 10 different exam samples of the written format of the exam. The keys are included in the text.

CELI 2 B1 prep book

A prep textbook comprising 10 exam samples of the CELI 2 exam (level B1 of Italian language). It include visual prompts, the keys and tips on how to prepare the exam.

general B1 prep textbook

Great textbook for intermediate or upper intermediate students to review the topics and vocabulary of the Italian intermediate level. It comprises listening, reading, vocabulary and grammar exercises.


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