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CILS & CELI exam preparation


I am Serena, a Certified Italian Language Coach, Polyglot and Communication Consultant. 

I love guiding lifelong learners from all over the world to master the Italian Language and empower their lives and professions through smart language learning.

I have helped and guided adult learners to successfully pass their CILS exam for word, study and citizenship reasons for the last three years. 





You plan to pass the CILS/CELI or PILDA exam for work, study, or citizenship reasons. You have learned Italian for a while and have a smattering of the language’s fundamentals. Still, you are aware that to pass the exam successfully, you need to seal some gaps in your preparation at all levels.

During a two or four-week introduction course, I will meet you and consciously assess your level, evaluating your competence in all the four language areas required by the Italian exams: listening, speaking, writing, and reading. I will point out your gaps and draw a personalized learning plan to help you get your Italian language Certification with ease and class!




The course material consists of the best available CELI (or CILS) prep books on the market, plenty of official exam samples and vocabulary/grammar sheets to rehearsal the Italian language fundamentals, depending on your level.

sample CILS exam B1

course program CILS B1 



The course material consists of the best available CELI (or CILS) prep books on the market, plenty of official exam samples and vocabulary/grammar sheets to rehearsal the Italian language fundamentals, depending on your level.and consists of regular weekly meetings and a guided homework that will be corrected by teacher. You won’t need to be tided to weekly lessons if you don’t have time for it. Each week you will be assigned a personalized study plan with a deadline to submit your homework. 

You work will be corrected and you receive a feedback with suggestions and indications for the upcoming tasks. 

This is by far the most effective way to improve your Italian and work toward the .. of you Italian Language Certification.

Don’t learn harder, learn smarter with a professional Italian Language Coach and Polyglot and her dream team of native professional teachers


  • The vast majority of students set a goal to obtain an Italian language certification for work, study or citizenship reasons. Let me tell, this shouldn’t be the only reason! Last year I made a list of other several other reasons why taking the CILS exam is a brilliant idea. My favorite one is to boost up your motivation, especially if you have been plateauing for a while.

    Learning a language as an adult, in informal settings has some drawbacks too. Many students plateau at an intermediate level because they miss the guidance to perfect their writing or vocabulary, as is not needed. Committing to pass an Italian language exam, entails focusing on perfecting those areas that you might often neglect on a general Italian language course: like writing or listening.

    Rest assure that perfecting those areas means that you will be a fantastic Italian speaker.

  • Everything comes down to your start and final point.
    Before anything, find clarity about what type and level of Italian and what is your current level of Italian.
    Once you know where you are and where you want to go, we can think in realistic terms of a timeframe.

  • I will be your reliable guide. You will never feel lost at any point of your CILS preparation course.I I will share my whole experience as a certified Italian teacher and professional coach to help you achieve your learning goal and successfully pass your CILS exam. They are not lost causes. There are not bad students. Some students are trained, and some students are not. I am here to help you to acquire and internalize the whole  information the smart way, and to dissolve all your doubts concerning the Italian language and the Italian language certification exam. 

  • Check out my blog post about the available Italian Language Certifications (CILS, CELI, PILDA) and why is a great idea to consider taking one of these Italian tests.

How I know, I am eligible for your courses?
It’s simple.
Do you have a growth mindset and a passion for learning and self-improving? Do enjoy speaking and learning Italian? If so, you are in then!

Tell me more about the way you teach

The lessons happen on Skype or Zoom (preferred). I use Google Docs to write down corrections or suggestions. Depending on the number of lessons you buy, I will provide you with a plan for the lessons. For instance, if you buy a 10 lessons packages we will plan them in advance.





SMART  € 220 

personalized study plan tailored to your level and needs

up to 2 meetings per month

infinite grammar and vocabulary sheets

 1 exam sample - mock test

support via mail during working hours

SMART+  € 440 

 personalized study plan tailored  to your level and needs

up to 6 meetings per six weeks

infinite grammar and vocabulary sheets

3 exam samples / mock tests

support via mail during working hours


 personalized  study plan tailored  to your level and needs

up to 8 meetings per month

infinite grammar and vocabulary sheets

4 exam samples - mock tests

support via mail during working hours

* This is an indicative price. The price can vary according to the amount of self-study/live lesson you want to take. 

** before committing to one program, you will be invited to take a two or four lesson discovery course.


Here is what learners from all aver the world say about me

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