Italian language mentoring


Have you ever felt you are stalling during your language learning journey?

Don’t you know what the best Italian learning material to use?

Are you struggling to make and stick to a language learning routine?

Do you want to become fluent in Italian but you find it difficult to make the actual time to study?

Have you bought and hurdled plenty of Italian books without using them?

Or are you an independent Italian learner who needs an evaluation from time to time?

maybe, you don’t need a tutor but a coach who will show you to learn Italian independently and guide you through the process! 


how does it work?

I can help you to: 


  • Choose the right learning material for you
  • Learn techniques and methods to make the most out of your vocabulary by using the Gold-list Method and a variety of applications.
  • Suggest original Italian learning material to real-world language inputs (blogs, movies, books)
  • Schedule regular meetings to make sure you are sticking to your learning plan, adjusting the learning plan or making an evaluation on your progress
  • Sharing my experience and learning strategies as a learner of 8 different languages during the past ten years
  • if you want to know more about my language mentoring program email me at 



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