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I provide Italian language private lessons via Skype or in person in Sicily to help motivated learners to speak Italian with confidence and in harmony with their lifestyle.


About my classes


  • I genuinely believe in the natural language learning approach to second language acquisition which is a theory of language learning and teaching that says learning a second language should be similar to learning one’s first language.
  • I work with students who have already achieved an A2 level. Why? Because lessons are mostly conversation based.
  • I help students to develop their own language learning routine and to integrate Italian language learning smoothing in their lives: you decide when, how and what to study and how many hours of your free time you want to devote to your new mission! (e.g. 45 minutes twice a week or 60 minutes a week)
  • How does one session look like? You will be reading about a topic in the shape of an original article or watching a short movie and we will discuss it, work on it, analyze it. 
  • My lessons touch a lot on themes like contemporary societies, foreign cultures, self-development, psychology and of course Italy!
  • If you are fonder of a systematic approach I have a great wealth of digital resources (course-books) that we can regularly use or integrate into the natural learning approach.
  • Am I right teacher for you? Read more about me HERE.