I provide Italian language private lessons via Skype or in person in Sicily to help motivated learners to speak Italian with confidence and in harmony with their lifestyle.


About my classes


  • I genuinely believe in the natural language learning approach to second language acquisition which is a theory of language learning and teaching that says learning a second language should be similar to learning one’s first language.
  • I work with students who have already achieved an A2 level. Why? Because lessons are mostly conversation based.
  • I help students to develop their own language learning routine and to integrate Italian language learning smoothing in their lives: you decide when, how and what to study and how many hours of your free time you want to devote to your new mission! (e.g. 45 minutes twice a week or 60 minutes a week)
  • How does one session look like? You will be reading about a topic in the shape of an original article or watching a short movie and we will discuss it, work on it, analyze it. 
  • My lessons touch a lot on themes like contemporary societies, foreign cultures, self-development, psychology and of course Italy!
  • If you are fonder of a systematic approach I have a great wealth of digital resources (course-books) that we can regularly use or integrate into the natural learning approach.
  • Am I right teacher for you? Read more about me HERE.


  • Lessons with Serena are not only a real pleasure from beginning to end, but after only three I can already feel that my spoken Italian has improved under her guidance.

    David, England
  • I have been taking lessons with Serena for over a year now and I have to say her lessons always outcome my expecations. She is alwyas prone to tailor the classes to my needs, chooses excellent original material and overall makes the whole learning experience a lot of fun.

    Tim, Netherlands
  • The hour flew by and I feel I got good practice from the previous lesson with great ideas and understanding to continue!

    Carrie, USA
  • Serena è fantastica! She has exceeded my every expectation for an online language study program. She is attentive, easy to work with and makes me feel comfortable.

  • Sono tedesca e imparo italiano da due anni. È una lingua bellissima ma difficile. Serena è di grande aiuto per me perché ama il suo lavoro. È una persona aperta e le piace comunicare con altre persone. Questo è importante per me come giornalista. 

    Uta, Germany
  •  She skillfully combines language instruction with lessons in Italian culture, which is essential if you are serious about learning Italian!

    Christine, USA
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