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This program is for you  if

✔ you have hit a learning plateau in Italian

✔ you want to polish up your Italian of imperfections and recurring errors

✔ you are not afraid of challenges and want to develop yourself through the Italian language learning

✔ you want to enhance your creativity 

Speak Italian like a boss

This is a program for you if

✔ speaking is your weak point and you wont to overcome it

✔ you have little time to spend learning Italian and you want to optimize it

✔ you are not afraid f challenges and you are eager to develop yourself through Italian language learning 

    Italian Intellectual state of my mind 

    This program is for you if

    ✔you are a history/poetry/book lover

    ✔you have an upper-intermediate or advanced course of Italian

    ✔you are planning a trip to Sicily and want to know more with a native Sicilian teacher 

    Who is your Instructor?

    Who is your Instructor?

    Serena is a language enthusiast, teacher and language expert and wannabe life coach. After learning 8+ foreign languages, she decided, it was well worth to teach her mother tongue and share her love for Italy and the Bella Lingua across the world. She has been teaching online and offline for over 4 years and blogs about how to integrate Italian Language Learning into one’s life in a simple, efficient and fun way.

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