Here’s what my students are saying…

I so much appreciate what an excellent teacher you are Serena!!!
You are a joy to study Italian with, but also have expectations for me to progress, got which I am grateful.
Thank you so much for who you are as a person.

Barbara, Psychologist – California

Smart learning with Serena works. I started working with her as an intermediate student who had reached a plateau, especially when speaking. Serena diagnosed my roadblocks and has quickly renewed my progress and enthusiasm through a combination of written assignments and culturally relevant online conversations. I no longer stress out (as much) about making a grammar mistake. Serena turns my mistakes into dynamic learning opportunities by coaching me during our conversations without interrupting them. Her preparation for our conversations is apparent when she seems to have anticipated every misstep I could possibly make. Serena is a language coach. Her style is adapted by my needs, unlimited by textbook learning and unnecessary memorization. I must also emphasize that Serena is a very kind and gentle soul whose smile reveals her personal rewards when she hears me learning. At the end of every lesson, I am smiling as well and feeling more motivated than ever. 

Aldo, lawyer – Washington 


Working with Serena is like taking a university course, except she’s your personal professor. What an in depth way to learn and refine your Italian.

Wendy, real-estate agency owner – Florida 


Serena è un’insegnante molto speciale. Ha un metodo molto interessante che rende le lezioni piacevoli e produttive.

Renato, surgeon – Brasil


Serena doesn’t only teach Italian in a most professional way but she also knows how to trigger one’s deepest passions for this incredible, colorful and flowery language. Serena would always challenge me to leave my comfort zone when speaking in Italian. And I also can’t help but notice how every lesson is like a doorway to an endless labyrinth of culture and exquisite history, so that every time I feel so productive at the end of our lessons. Lastly, I must mention how grateful I am to have found Serena. For she has been with me on each step I had been taking into this wonderful, immersive and culturally rich journey that is the italian language; guiding, encouraging and teaching me. With all honesty, Serena truly knows what she is doing. She hasn’t forgotten what it means to be a teacher.

Sari, student & polyglot – Israel 

Lessons with Serena are not only a real pleasure from beginning to end, but after only three I can already feel that my spoken Italian has improved under her guidance. She has the sort of warm, interesting personality that encourages spontaneous conversation, but at the same time she’s a skilful professional teacher who structures the lesson in a way that takes you out of your comfort zone and helps to imprint what you are learning firmly in your mind.

David – University Professor, France


Mi sono trovata un mese in Italia per fare un laboratorio. Potevo parlare e comunicare coi tanti italiani in italiano. Prima di avere lezione con Serena non sapevo parlare così bene, ma quest’anno per lei ho avuta una bellissima esperienza. Sopratutto mi ha detto prima di viaggiare, se non parlo, gli altri pensano che non voglio parlare, è molto strano per me giapponese ma quindi provavo parlare in italiano coi colleghi, commessi ,la gente che abita vicino a casa mia….quando ho parlato, tutti italiani erano molto gentili! Sono molto felice di potere comunicare italiani e me li piace molto.Se potessi nascere di nuovo vorrei nascere in italia. Vorrei studiare per migliorare mio italiano. Grazie mille Serena per tuoi meravigliosi lezioni!

Ai, Opera director –  Japan 

Serena is a wonderful teacher. We have done several lessons together and I have enjoyed each one so very much. The time I spend talking with her is my only chance for uninterrupted, meaningful time practicing Italian. She has been so patient with me and helpful. No matter how much I read or study or listen to Italian media, nothing is more important than conversation. Serena is easy to talk to and she makes you feel very comfortable, no matter how uncomfortable you feel, trying to speak a different language. I’m so glad I found the courage to try one-on-one instruction with italki and that I found a teacher that I really like.

Linda – PR, New York City

Serena is an excellent language instructor. She is very passionate about languages and uses an individualized approach to teaching. Her lessons are a great combination of grammar and vocabulary and are always very interesting and fun. I love that Serena also uses the lessons to introduce you to the Italian culture. She is very patient and very quick to give feedback. She is excellent at finding your weak points and guiding you towards improving them. I could not wish for a better teacher than Serena! 

Svetlana, Interpreter – Pennsylvania


Serena is an amazing teacher! I’m learning Italian for fun but still want to make progress (even though I don’t have much time to devote to studying right now) and classes with Serena are an amazing balance of fun games to get convo and vocab going + useful exercises and drills. They’re fast paced and the time flies by but she has INFINITE patience for my very, very slow progress. Looking forward to continuing with her!!

Marissa, influencer & artist – Connecticut 

Serena is amazing. We have taken almost 70 lessons together and I can definitely see the results. When we started, I could not string a sentence together in Italian and, now, although I still have much to learn, we are talking in Italian for almost the full hour. I owe that to her patience, direction and overall good spirit. I am very happy to have found her and would recommend her to anyone.

John, Lawyer -Pennsylvania

Serena è semplicemente una delle migliori insegnanti nel mondo. Io sono così fortunato di trovarla su Verbling più di un anno fa. Serena è gentile, paziente, carismatica e umoristica. Ogni lezione con lei vola rapidamente e lei è cosi dedicata alla certezza che ogni studente ha successo. Noi siamo diventati amici buoni durante i miei studi con lei e una volta, infatti, lei mi ha mandato un peperoncino da un viaggio a Napoli, dove mia famiglia viene da, con i regoli come si usa. Io raccomando Serena completamente. Studiare con lei e’ sempre un piacere!

Francesco, Ph.D. student –  Norway  

Ich habe seit fast drei Jahren Unterricht bei Serena. Es ist immer spannend und motivierend. Sie verfügt über ein besonderes Talent, auf die Interessen und Begabungen (sowie Defizite) ihrer Schüler einzugehen. Danke, Uta

Uta, Journalist – Germany 

I have been taking weekly lessons with Serena for almost two years. She is one of the the best instructors I have worked with in my three+ years of studying Italian, which includes classroom, private, and online lessons. I appreciate that Serena is always well-prepared for our lessons, offers varied and interesting material, and is very patient and helpful. She is especially good at providing material at my level and “just enough” beyond it. She skillfully combines language instruction with lessons in Italian culture, which is essential if you are serious about learning Italian!

Christine, Accountant – California 

I have been taking lessons with Serena for over a year now and I have to say her lessons always outcome my expectations. She is always prone to tailor the classes to my needs, chooses excellent original material and overall makes the whole learning experience a lot of fun

Tim, Entrepreneur –  the Netherlands 

Serena e una grande professoressa. È da più di un anno che studio con lei. Lei è molto servizievole e simpatica. Ogni lezione è diversa e preparata specialmente per me. La raccomando a tutti. 

Colten, ESL Teacher – Kansas 

Ho appena avuto la mia sessantesima terza lezione con Serena. Le lezioni sono sempre divertenti, coinvolgenti e progettate per aiutarmi a raggiungere i miei obiettivi con la lingua italiana. Utilizziamo un’ampia gamma di risorse che scegliamo insieme. Questo rende ogni lezione produttiva. Serena, offre anche molti consigli per l’apprendimento al di fuori della “classe” che ritengo sia una parte fondamentale dei miei progressi. Grazie Serena!

Alex, UK

I’ve been learning Italian for a few years, but I could never put what I learned into practice. Serena is the only teacher I’ve had who clearly explained passato prossimo to me. She provided really helpful and relevant materials every class, and she focused on my main areas for improvement. On top of that, her lessons are enjoyable, and they are something I look forward to.

Liz, ESL teacher – New Hampshire  

Ho presso lezioni di italiano con Serena per un anno. Durante quel periodo, ho incontrato una forma didattica di imparare la lingua. Prima di tutto, perché sempre facciamo esercizi che lei ha preparato in anticipo. Inoltre, perche lei cerca di correggere i contaminazioni che vengono della mia lingua madre. Perciò, sento che sia un buon investimento. 

Miguel, Lawyer – Colombia

Der Unterricht von Serena ist super und wirklich sehr empfehlenswert für Leute, die schnell Italienisch lernen möchten. Serena bereitet alles perfekt vor und nach. Der Mix aus korrigieren und reden lassen ist meiner Meinung nach ein wesentliches Qualitätsmerkmal einer Lehrerin. Und das macht sie super! Ich bin begeistert! Vielen Dank!! 

Felix, Dentist – Germany 

Serena’s lessons are always informative and fun. She uses different methods to cater to each individual style of learning. If you are a beginner she can give you the tools you need to become more advanced quickly.

Yasmin, Engineer – Luisiana 

Serena es maravillosa! Ella da los idiomas su propio tiempo, pero también los mezcla muy bien! Trabajamos con italiano, español, y francés. Siempre disfruto sus lecciones!

Marina, University student – Florida


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