5 ways to use the Italian word PROPRIO

May 14, 2017

1. As an adverb (invariable form)

As ad adverb, proprio, means ‘really’

  • Quello studente é proprio bravo!
  • Mi piace proprio il nuovo film di Sorrentino

And sometimes it means ‘just’, often combined with the adverbs of time (adesso, ora ) or a numeral adjective.

  • Ho finito di cenare proprio adesso
  • Maria mi ha chiamato proprio due minuti fa

2.As a possessive adjective  (changing its ending and becoming proprio, propria, proprie, propri, depending on the noun that it is referring to).

Proprio is used in the third person and is considered just like suo/sua/suoi/sue and loro.

  • Marco lava la propria macchina
  • Lucia Accompagna a scuola i propri figli

Its usage is required when the sentence is impersonal, that is to say, that the subject of the sentence is not specified.

  • Ognuno deve pensare alla propria saluto e al proprio benessere
  • Bisogna pensare ai propri interessi

3. As an intensifier

When proprio comes together with other possessive adjectives it has an intensifying function and describing one’s ownership of something.

  • Vivo nella mia propria casa
  • E’ il suo proprio lavoro

4. As a negative intensifier meaning ‘at all’.

  • Non mi piace proprio!
  • Oggi non mi sento proprio bene!
  • Non voglio proprio vederlo!

5. In many colloquial expressions

  • Lavorare in proprio (to be self-employed)
  • Mettersi in proprio (to start one’s own business)
  • Non proprio (not really)
  • Proprio così! (exactely)




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