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Since 2016, I have been creating content on this website to help Italian learners from around the world learn Italian smarter.

Ciao, I’m Serena

I’m a certified teacher of Italian as a foreign language, a polyglot, and most importantly, a lifelong language learner. I used to be a terrible language student in school. However, regardless how bad my teachers told me I was, my burning desire to learn led me to become fluent in a number of languages.

I believe that anyone can learn a language at any point in their life. You don’t need a secret ‘multilingual gene,’ nor do you need a lot of free time.  All you need passion for learning, ghiande and structure!

My goal is to help adult learners from all over the world acquire the gift of speaking Italian in a smooth, structured, and effective way.

Online Italian Classes

Feeling overwhelmed with your Italian and in need of structured guidance to accelerate your learning? Learn with us.

Short Story Books

The path to language fluency involves maximizing the time you spend with Italian. Reading my short stories in simple Italian is an excellent way to reinforce everything you’ve learned in your classes and gain a better understanding of the Italian language, culture, and geography.


Since 2016, I’ve been consistently writing articles to demystify Italian grammar and share the best tools and methods for learning the Italian language.

My Blog

The Italian Verb ‘Potere’: Conjugations and Uses

The Italian Verb ‘Potere’: Conjugations and Uses

Conjugation of Potere (Present Tense) ItalianEnglishExamplesPossoI can / Can I?Posso aiutarti? (Can I help you?)PuoiYou can / Can you?Perché non puoi venire alla riunione? (Why can’t you join the meeting?)PuòHe/She can / Can he, she?Lui può andare in palestra oggi....

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Italian Pronunciation Made Easy (for English Speakers)

Italian Pronunciation Made Easy (for English Speakers)

Why it's Important To Practice Your Italian Pronunciation From Day 1 In over ten years of teaching Italian as a foreign language, I've noticed a number of patterns that are next to impossible to get rid of (or that take a great deal of time and work to unlearn). A...

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Passato Prossimo with Direct Object Pronouns

Passato Prossimo with Direct Object Pronouns

The basic rule is that when using the passato prossimo tense with the auxiliary verb 'avere', the past participle—the second part of the verb—usually does not change. It remains the same regardless of the subject's gender and number.  Lei ha comprato Noi abbiamo...

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Make Italian words and grammar stick through the power of story learning


7 Romance Short Stories for Italian Language Learners

  • Short chapters: 7 short stories divided into bite-size chapters.
  • Bilingual wordlist ready to go into your flashcards.
  • Modern stories with real-life dialogues and experiences.
  • Translation prompts at end of each chapter
  • Conversation prompts to use train your speaking skills alone or with your tutor.
  • Optimized for intermediate learners (A2-B2) by a teacher of Italian with over 10 years of teaching experience.
  • Audio in slow Italian available.
Intermediate Level

Due Amiche e un Album di Fotografie- Learn Italian Through Simple Stories

Beginners – Super Easy Italian

Le Avventure di Paul a Roma – Short Stories in Simple Italian

Beginners to Intermediate

Incontri in Sicilia – Short Stories in Italian

for Lower-Intermediate to Intermediate

Mediterraneo – A Mystery Short Story in Simple Italian

Upper beginners and intermediate learners

Life is too short to learn Italian the wrong way.

I believe Italian lessons should guide students, but real learning happens outside the class. That’s why, I’ll help you understand how to learn Italian independently, maximize the time you dedicate to language learning, and hold you accountable every step of the way.

Learn Italian
the smart way!

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Happy Students!

Serena is extremely prepared and thorough with varying topics and mini-lessons within the lesson. Her lessons are fun and delightful!

Wendy, Florida

Real Estate

Serena turns my mistakes into dynamic learning opportunities by coaching me during our conversations without interrupting them. Her preparation for our conversations is apparent when she seems to have anticipated every misstep I could possibly make. Serena is a language coach. Her style is adapted by my needs, unlimited by textbook learning and unnecessary memorization.

Aldo, Washington


Serena doesn’t only teach Italian in a most professional way but she also knows how to trigger one’s deepest passions for this incredible, colourful and flowery language.

Sari, Israel

University Student

I don’t teach you just Italian. I share with you a creative and effective method to learn any foreign language.

Contact me here for collaborations, Italian lessons... and creative ideas!

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