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I am an Italian mentor and teacher, polyglot, and, most of all, I am a lifelong student of languages and life. Many years ago, I was a lousy language student in school. Nevertheless, my thirst for learning and developing myself brought me to become fluent in several languages – no matter how busy my days were.    

My passion is to help lifelong learners to improve their lives and professions through smart language learning. In the space, you can find tips and tricks that will dissolve your doubts about tricky Italian topics, hacks for learning or improve Italian fast and efficiently and soon a Podcast to enhance your Italian listening comprehension. 

Anyone can learn a language at any time of his or her life. No, you don’t need a secret polyglot gene, neither a lot of time on your hands. All you need is an unstoppable desire to learn combined with passion and knowing what kind of learner you are.

My mission is guiding students towards their Italian learning goal and helping them to become successful independent language learners, and find structure in their journey while holding them accountable for their Italian fluency goals.


We don’t teach you just Italian. We share with you a creative and effective method to learn any foreign language. 


You will be never left alone.  You will be guided and receive meaningful feedback every week/month.

self-study program Italian


Every human is a different world. Every student has a unique learning style. I am not here to inculcate you my learning approach, instead, to help you find your best learning style to Italian language learning. 


The key to master any subject is enjoying what you are learning. The best way to learn Italian is pursing your interests while learning it.