I am an Italian language Instructor and I am on a mission to help learners from all over the world to integrate the Italian language (and culture) into their lives through slow language learning habits. I blog about Italy and healthy Italian learning strategy.

My four key concepts in Italian  language learning

Power topics

Language is a communication tool. Studying the language through meaningful topics is crucial, like this you will learn twice and the mechanics of association will allow you to better retain the information. 

Use it or lose it!

Re­pe­ti­tion is where the magic happens.  According to many academic studies, even short repetitive exposure to novel words make it easier to remember.


A strategy is crucial to make learning a habit and getting valuable and long-longlasting results. As in every field, passion, discipline and perseverence are the pillars of a man success.  

Vocabulary Expansion

Vocabulary lists or flashcards will pave you the way towards fluency.   Vocabulary knowledge is critical to reading and listening comprehension and effective communication. 

How can I help you?

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