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Learn To Understand Italy And Italian Better Through Engaging Stories And Real-Life Dialogues 

The problem

Having spent the last eight years teaching Italian to native English speakers, I’ve come to realize that the most challenging part of learning Italian is putting all of the bits and pieces of grammar and vocabulary all together to form flowing Italian sentences. 

What happened next?

 It took me a while, but eventually, I came up with the right ideas to write and record my own short stories, which you can now purchase on Amazon or Gumroad. 

All my Italian short stories are easy readings and include an audiobook narrated by me and a flashcard set which I made. They’re designed for beginners and intermediate learners and created with native English speakers in mind. They are also culturally relevant and will aid you in your understanding of Italy and Italian through real-life dialogues and situations.

The solution

A few years ago, after trying different teaching approaches, I decided to use simplified Italian content in the form of stories as a way to provide my students with something to talk about during our classes. After a few classes using this method, I was already able to tell that the more my students would talk about the stories they had read and heard, the easier it became for them to construct complete sentences.  Due to reading and listening to simple Italian texts and dialogues multiple times, they would learn the correct order of words in sentences. In addition, it was also evident to me that by selecting the right stories (taking into account my students’ interests and levels), I would always provide my students with new and relevant vocabulary to discuss in our classes (instead of using the same old, boring conversation topics).


Improve Your 

Italian Listening 

and Vocabulary 


Due Amiche e un Album di Fotografie (A1)

This book is optimized for beginners and advanced beginners and includes:

  • Bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (which you can download for free online)
  • Downloadable online flashcards
  • Interesting facts about the one of the most beautiful alpine Italian regions: Alto Adige 
  • Insights on relevant vocabulary and grammar, with exercises
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension
  • Optimized for beginners and native English speakers

Le Avventure di Paul a Roma (A1-A2) 

  • Bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (which you can download for free online)
  • Downloadable online flashcards.
  • Interesting facts about Rome.
  • Insights on relevant vocabulary and grammar.
  • Real-life dialogues and experiences you’ll commonly encounter in Rome.
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension.
  • Optimized for advanced beginners and intermediate learners.

Incontri in Sicilia (A2+)

  • Bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (which you can download for free online)
  • Downloadable online flashcards
  • Cultural Insights about Sicily.
  • Insights on relevant vocabulary and grammar, with exercises.
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension.
  • Optimized for beginners and native English speakers.

Readers' reviews

What you can expect from my story learning method


Our Italian short stories are easier to digest, but if they are filled with amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts about Italian culture, they are much more enjoyable, sucking you into that world. 


You’ll be able to read a complete story in the native language in no time, while also expanding your vocabulary. We estimate it will take only 10 minute to round up every chapter. And another 5-10 to complete the annexed exercises. 


You will learn to understand Italy better across its regional differences. This Italian short story series is set in various off-the-beaten-path locations throughout Italy. Our goal is to compel you to talk or experience what you’ve read. 


This Italian short story contains enough grammar to keep learning without becoming overwhelmed. Most chapters conclude with brief explanations of how to correctly use  certain key aspects of Italian grammar and vocabulary.


Science supports that learning languages through short stories is the best way to develop the brain for any language learning process. Even in our native language, we learned the majority of our vocabulary as children by reading. Similarly, we encourage reading in simplified Italian to absorb words and patterns in a fun and agreeable way.

Italian online tutor

I am Serena, a Certified Italian Language Teacher, avid language student, and polyglot.

A little over six years ago, I started my own small online school with the goal of inspiring English native speakers to successfully learn and speak Italian.  Today I work with a fantastic team of hand-picked teachers who’re helping in achieving my goal of making Italian learning enjoyable, motivating and doable for non-native speakers.