Ciao! Sono Serena, and I help other humans to learn Italian and integrate strategic and stressless language learning habits into their lives.


Because I think that mindful language learning can be just like any other way to free up your mind from our frenetic lives with a bunch of extra benefits that speaking another language entails: such as, being able to use your target language while travelling, meeting foreign friends, reading novels or watching movies in their original version,  not to mention that opening up to a whole new culture will expand your horizons in so many ways.  

Besides, I believe that language learning must be fun and relaxing, like a sort of meditation. A spare time to disconnect from the stress of one’s hectic life while sowing the seeds to grow something new in your life.

How I developed my passion for learning languages?

Since I was little I found myself curling up in my couch and leafing through English – Italian dictionaries looking for words in a language that didn’t make any sense for me. That pastime was pure joy and filled up many boring winter days during my childhood. Growing up and acquiring, little by little, the ability to express me in a different language became an ecstatic joy and my favorite hobby.

My mission

As language instructor and blogger I want to help learners of all age to experience the same kind of joy I had as a child, teen, and adult while learning a new language and dive into a new culture.

How many languages did I learn?

Soon enough I developed a growing interested in other languages and I learned Spanish and French at school and German, Portuguese and Slovak on my own.

Where do I live?

I’ll quote of my favorite German writers “to have seen Italy without having seen Sicily is not to have seen Italy at all, for Sicily is the clue to everything”. Yes, I am proud Italian-Sicilian! 

My motto

When you love what you, with a little bit of discipline and strategy, there is no doubt you will achieve top results in it.

My teaching qualifications 

  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics from the University of Aosta, Italy.
  • I obtained a CEDILS (Certificazione in didaddtica dell’italiano a stranieri) from the University of Venice, Italy
  • I regularly attend seminars and workshops to keep me updated about the latest innovations in the field of second language acquisition. 


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