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Serena – Founder and Learning Content Creator

Over the years, my unconditional love for learning (not only foreign languages!) has led me to become a learning expert. I became a full-time online Italian Teacher when I decided to blend what I love to do: helping adult learners acquire and internalize new information in an efficient way, and what I am good at: foreign languages. Although I speak a proficient level in a number of foreign languages, I decided to focus solely on teaching Italian because it’s my mother tongue, and I believe that as a native teacher, I can add real value to any Italian language course.

My educational background includes a  binational French-Italian BA and MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Aosta (Italy) and the University of Savoy (France), and a certification for teaching Italian as a foreign language issued by the University of Venice (Italy). Before transitioning into an online educator, I worked as an in-person Italian teacher in schools in Bratislava (Slovakia), Tokyo, Salamanca (Spain), and Cambridge in the UK.

Other than teaching Italian which I affectionately refer to as my “secret sauce”, I have dedicated myself to writing this blog since 2016, and in the last two years, I’ve ventured into creating my own learning materials, such as my collection of short story books, which you can explore on this page or on Amazon.

My wonderlust alongside with a insatiable passion for learning has also brought me to speak to a profieicny level a number of languages (and if you’re interested in my journey to master several foreign languages, you can read my story here).

My accent in Italian is neutral. I have studied Italian diction with a professional actress.

The Team


Paola, with over 10 years of experience as a translator and teacher of English and Italian as a foreign language, has a deep passion for languages. Born in the stunning island of Sicily, she embarked on a journey of language exploration by pursuing a degree in foreign languages. Her desire to travel and teach languages has taken her to various European countries, including Ireland, Spain, and Romania.

In her classes, Paola not only imparts knowledge of the Italian language but also immerses herself in her students’ cultures, creating a delightful virtual travel experience from the comfort of home. Alongside Italian, she is fluent in Sicilian, English, Spanish, and Romanian. During her free time, you’ll find her indulging in the beauty of museums or wandering ancient towns. If you seek to delve deep into the richness of Italian culture, as well as the language itself, Paola is the perfect teacher for you.


When I met Valeria for the first time, I was taken aback by the grand passion and competence she put on her mission to spread the Italian language all over the globe.

Being on the wavelength regarding our mission, vision, and teaching approach, I was excited to welcome her to my team!

Valeria is a genuinely Sicilian woman born under the influence of two different languages ​​- Italian and Sicilian – and a diversity of cultures. A grandchild of Sicilian immigrants in the United States that eventually decided to return to their homeland: Sicily’s mystic and beautiful island.

She holds a BA and MA at the University of Palermo and Bologna language studies. Besides, she has study and work experience in Spain and the UK.

Valeria said to me, ” In my university years in Palermo, I met and taught people from all over the world, and I soon discovered that the best part of teaching is not only giving something to others, is receiving a lot in return. When I find out about other cultures, I always look for aspects in common, even amidst diversity.”

She is also a foodie and the head organizer of a yearly street food festival in Sicily. So yes, she is the go-to person to talk about all thing Italian food!

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