Structured Italian Online Classes – Designed to help you succeed!

Tailored Italian Fluency Program  

(1:1 Italian classes, with accountability*)

  • You have a strong commitment/desire to speak Italian, at every level.
  • You have hit a learning plateau.
  • You want to be held accountable for your learning.
  • You seek structured classes and are okay completing homework before every lesson.
  • You want to focus on Italian Conversation.

Exam Preparation Classes

(1:1 classes, with accountability*)

  • You are preparing for an Italian Language Test (e.g., CILS B1 for Citizenship).
  • You seek structured, time-bound, and customized language classes.
  • You have already learned the basics of the Italian language.

Fast Track Program

(1:1 classes, with accountability*)

  • You can commit for a minimum of 3 weekly classes.
  • You want to be held accountable for your learning.
  • You need a structured approach to your Italian learning routine.
  • You can complete your homework before every class.

Italian Group Conversation  Classes

(lower-intermediate learners and beyond)

  • Guided and engaging conversation practice for intermediate and advanced learners.
  • Max 4 students with the same level per session.
  • Short Story Book Club

What does accountability mean for us?

Most Italian courses, no matter if they happen online or in-person, focus on having the learners consume information on the spot without creating a structure to help them learn Italian outside of the class.

We do it differently. Because we have been language learners too, and we know that that’s not the most efficient approach.

We base our teaching approach on the concept that in-person lessons should give valuable guidance and feedback to the students. Still, real learning happens outside of the class when you experience and play with the language independently.

In all our Italian online classes and programs, we create a structure to help you flirt with the language both after and before the lesson.

We will also always correct your homework, polish your mistakes, and give you feedback that will enable you to constantly advance. All this without feeling lost or overwhelmed along the way. That’s what we call accountability.


  • We hold you accountable for completing all tasks required to advance fast and smart.
  • We help you internalize information, rather than just consuming it.
  • We love giving you a strategy and framework that will make you a stellar Italian speaker.

Ciao, I'm Serena!


I’m the creative force behind both this blog and my collection of short stories in simple Italian for language learners, available on Amazon. With a heart full of wanderlust and a deep love for language learning, I’m on a mission to help adults worldwide unlock the secrets of learning languages and become fluent Italian speakers.

My key three principles


You will be never left alone. You will be guided and receive meaningful feedback every week/month.

Custom Approach

Every human is a different world. Every student has a unique learning style. I am not here to force you to learn with my teaching approach. Instead, to help you craft your best way to learn a language.

Have Fun

The key to master any subject is enjoying what you are learning and the way your are learning.

I don’t teach you just Italian. I share with you a creative and effective method to learn any foreign language.

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