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Recommended Italian textbooks (and other tools) for learning Italian solo

Rocket Italian (self-paced Italian course)

This, in my opinion, is the best platform for independent learners who are just getting started or have already started but want a structured learning path.
The price is reasonable, and they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee.
It is divided into three levels (one of which is for complete beginners), with each level divided into theme-based classes on relevant and gradually progressive grammar and vocabulary topics.
They teach you the grammar and other important aspects of the language in English, making it easier for you to understand the logic and more complex parts of the language.
You can read my review on the course here.


Italian conversation classes and tutoring

Italki is a fantastic and reasonably priced platform for connecting with Italian native speakers and tutors.  It’s an excellent strategy if you can’t commit to regular classes, need a refresher, or simply want to improve your spoken Italian. 
Discount: Use this link to get $10 USD Italki credits after your first $20 spend.


Italian Textbooks 

        Italian advanced textbooks 

I‘m a fan of textbooks because they lay out a progressive learning itinerary for us to follow.  If, like me, you like knowing where you are in your learning journey and working on all aspects of language learning (listening, reading, grammar, writing, speaking) at the same time, these textbooks are for you.
They are designed with English speakers in mind and include a digital version with easy access to audios, exercises, and videos.  The blu books cover the pre-intermediate and beginner levels.  The intermediate and advanced methods are covered in the first read.
These are the textbooks that I also use with my private clients. 

 Short Stories in Easy Italian with Slow Italian Audio 

Do you enjoy learning new Italian words or idioms? It is best to do so using simplified Italian texts and short stories.  Stories will provide you with a visual to relate to new words or idioms, making it easier to retain new information.

Short stories are great at every level to improve your vocabulary and Italian sentence building ability. If you’re new to this method you can learn more on this article and check out my short stories narrated in slow Italian by me here


 mre podcasts here

Italian grammar books

All the books for Practice makes Perfect are an excellent reference for English native speakers, as they teach Italian from the stand point of English speakers. Every respectful Italian course should include at least one the above textbooks.