The Italian preposition DA means most of the times from, but it is also used with a different meaning, such as: since/for, to, at etc…

DA is typically used to express:


together with an indicative tense and a period of time:

– example: verb + DA + period of time

Da quanto tempo studi l’italiano? Studio l’italiano da cinque anni, dal 2012

(How long have you been studying Italian? For five years, since 2012)


meaning at/at the house of a person or people:

Vado da Maria (I go to somebody, the house of somebody)

Stasera studio da Giulia (at the house of Giulia)


Origin or source, meaning from:

Da dove vieni? Vengo da Stoccolma (Where are you from? I am from..)

Il treno arriva da Roma (The train arrives from..)


The beginning of a period of time together with the preposition A:

Lavoro da lunedì a giovedì (I work from Mon to Thu)



in a variety of fixed expressions:

Camera da letto (bedroom)

Sala da pranzo (living room)

Casa da sogno (dream house)

Scarpe da tennis (basket shoes)


DA is also used followed by an infinitive after molto (a lot), poco (little), niente (nothing), qualcosa (something):

Vuole qualcosa da bere? (Do you want something to drink?)

Non ho niente da fare oggi? (I don’t have anything to do today)