8 great Italian singers to help you improve your Italian

If you are a great auditory language learner (you learn very well what you hear) or you are just a lover of music, and you want to dig more into the world of Italian music, you should integrate Italian music listening into your Italian learning program and why not, in your lifestyle.

There are tons of reasons why learning by listening to catchy Italian songs is just another efficient way to absorb the language in a fun way.

  • Songs are catchy, they arise emotions, and sometimes they get stuck in your head on a loop. Learning Italian vocabulary like this is an easy win.
  • It’s an activity you can to anytime anywhere
  • It’s free
  • It gives you a chance to immerse into the Italian language when you are not living in Italy
  • Italy has its own Festival of Music Festival “the Festival of Sanremo”, a competition amongst famous Italian singers and bands, which happens every February every year and it’s the most watched television show in Italy.

In this article, I will draw a short list of some Italian songs which I really like to listen to. It is a personal list in which I am listing Italian singers and Italian songs amongst my favourite ones. The list does not cover up, by no means, all the beautiful contemporary Italian music.
You won’t find anything like Volare Sole Mio, because it is not what people listen of these days. I know that tastes differ a lot, but you hope this will inspire to make your Italian music playlist. 

Max Gazzè – Italian Pop Rock 

He is a Roman musician and a singer-songwriter known in Italy for his high-pitched voice. His songs will make you dance like no one is watching or cry like a baby. His lyrics are poetry for everyday life, simple but straight to the point. Good for picking up new Italian vocabulary! 

La vita com’è 

Lyrics in Italian, English and many other languages 


Franco Battiato – Experimental, Progressive Pop Music 

Battiato is a Sicilian-born singer-songwriter, composer, painter, filmmaker, writer. He is known in Italy as “il Maestro – the Master” for its prominence in the world of music. Love or hate him, but most probably love him! Its music is a combination of poetry, esoteric religion concepts and philosophy. Perhaps the best Italian still-alive music personality in the Italian contemporary music scene. 

His most famous song is “La Cura”, one of the most beautiful Italian love songs ever. 

Lyrics in Italian and English

Mannarino – Pop Folk

Mannarino is an emerging Italian singer-songwriter and musician. His songs are a combination of poetry, stories of ordinary people (his lyrics are often inspired by the suburbs of Rome, where he grew up) and sounds from around the world. Some of his songs contain verses in the Roman dialect which makes its overall production somehow refreshing and unique in the contemporary Italian music scene.

L’arca di Noè 

Lyrics in Italian and English

Carmen Consoli 

She is known in Italy as “la cantatessa”, a Sicilian born singer-songwriter, guitarist and musician who is known for her distinctive and tenacious voice.

Fiori d’arancio

Lyrics in Italian and English 

Mario Biondi – Jazz 

Do you like jazz? Mario Biondi is the most famous jazz musician in Italy and an internationally recognized jazz artist. He sings (and plays) with his deep warm voice all over the world, both in Italian and English. 


Lorenzo Cherubini, known as “Jovanotti” is one of Italians most favourite contemporary pop singer and rapper. He has been a symbol of youth culture in the 90s, but still today, he enjoys a ton of success across people of different generations.
Other than being a singer, he is also considered a prominent social figure in Italy for his social commitment. In 2010, he was the first Italian singer to be invited to the University of Harvard to give a lesson about human rights.

Oh vita

Lyrics in Italian and other languages


Motta – Indie Rock 

Motta is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and an emerging voice in the Italian Indie Rock music scene. 

dov’è l’Italia 

Lyrics in Italian, English and Spanish

Fabrizio de André – Italian Folk Music

Fabrizio de André was an Italian singer-songwriter. Although dead, he is still considered one of the greatest Italian songwriters of the Italian music scene of all times. He was, and he is known for his sympathy toward pacifism and anarchy. His lyrics often feature the marginalized people of society. There is no Italian that doesn’t know at least a couple of his songs.

La ballata dell’amore cieco 

Lyrics in Italian and many other languages