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My short story books in simple Italian (with slow audio)

Le Avventure di Paul a Roma (Short Story in Simple Italian)

Do you know that Rome is jigsaw puzzle of different neighborhoods, each one with its own identity and history? Follow Paul’s adventures in the Eternal City and experience the Italian capital better through Italian dialogues and texts.

This book is meant for advanced beginners and pre-intermediate Italian learners and includes:

  • 12 bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (which you can download for free online)
  • 12 sets of online flashcards
  • Interesting facts about the Italian capital
  • Insights on relevant vocabulary and grammar
  • Dialogues and experiences you’ll commonly encounter in Rome
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension

Due amiche e un album di fotografie (Short Story in Simple Italian)

Costanza is a young Italian woman from Sicily who decided to spend her summer vacation with her Milanese friend Anna in Alto Adige (the Dolomites region), in the heart of Italy’s Alpine region. Together they visit and learn interesting facts about the culture, geography, and food of this region, which is located in the far north of Italy’s peninsula, while also assisting a tourist who has dropped something on a trail.

This book is meant for beginners and advanced beginners and includes:

  • 16 bite-sized chapters with slow audio narrated by a native speaker (which you can download for free online)
  • 16 sets of online flashcards
  • Interesting facts about the one of the most beautiful alpine Italian regions: Alto Adige 
  • Insights on relevant vocabulary and grammar, with exercises
  • Dialogues and experiences you’ll commonly encounter in the Alps 
  • Review questions for measuring comprehension

Incontri (Short Story in Simple Italian)

Incontri is the second episode of my short story collection which help you understand Italian and Italy better through real-life dialogues. The protagonist is Fiona, the first in her Italian-American family to learn her ancestors’ language. At university in the US, she earned a scholarship and moved to Rome to improve her Italian for a semester. But there’s more to the story. To complete an Italian citizenship application, she must obtain a copy of her great-grandfather’s birth certificate. This brings her to Sicily. In Sicily, she has several encounters that will forever alter her future.This short story is appropriate for all Italian learners who have at least a pre-intermediate level of proficiency in the language (A2). This book might be useful for advanced beginners as well.

Level of difficulty: good for advanced beginner, lower intermediate and intermediate Italian learners.  

Readers's reviews

What you can expect from my story learning method


Our Italian short stories are easier to digest, but if they are filled with amusing anecdotes and fascinating facts about Italian culture, they are much more enjoyable, sucking you into that world. 


You’ll be able to read a complete story in the native language in no time, while also expanding your vocabulary. We estimate it will take only 10 minute to round up every chapter. And another 5-10 to complete the annexed exercises. 


You will learn to understand Italy better across its regional differences. This Italian short story series is set in various off-the-beaten-path locations throughout Italy. Our goal is to compel you to talk or experience what you’ve read. 


This Italian short story contains enough grammar to keep learning without becoming overwhelmed. Most chapters conclude with brief explanations of how to correctly use  certain key aspects of Italian grammar and vocabulary.


Science supports that learning languages through short stories is the best way to develop the brain for any language learning process. Even in our native language, we learned the majority of our vocabulary as children by reading. Similarly, we encourage reading in simplified Italian to absorb words and patterns in a fun and agreeable way.


This is a work of love on my part. For the past nine years, I’ve been teaching with stories that I didn’t write myself. They have helped my students develop Italian proficiency at all levels.

One day, it occurred to me that I should write my own stories, incorporating all of my experience as a language educator and a language enthusiast. In that moment, gears started turning in my mind.

I didn’t want to write just a fictional story. I wanted the story to be a guide to exploring Italy through the eyes of a local (me) who is also passionate about the less well known aspects of my country.

One summer day, after a long and arduous hike in the Dolomites (in Alto Adige, Northern Italy), I had the idea of turning some of my adventurous experiences in Italy into Italian short stories. All the gears finally clicked together. That’s how I came up with my first Italian short story “Due amiche e un album di fotografie“.

Even though I use fictional characters, the majority of the facts in this book—especially the food, drinks, and places I mention—are true.



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