Don’t learn harder, learn smarter with a professional Italian Language Coach and Polyglot.



I am Serena, a Certified Italian Language Coach, Polyglot and Communication Consultant. 

I love guiding lifelong learners from all over the world to master the Italian Language and empower their lives and professions through smart language learning.



  • Instead of taking Italian once per week for many years, why don’t you learn every second day for three months? The money you invest may be the same; the results ten times better.

    There is no secret recipe for becoming fluent in Italian in a short time – but there is a secret ingredient: consistency and continuous feedback. Some students commit to learning once per week for years, and they are never happy with their results.


    Taking a long break in between lessons might slow down your overall learning approach.

  • This program is suitable for absolute beginners, beginners and intermediate Italian learners.

    What is relevant is not your level, but your approach to learning.

    Do you have a growth mindset? Do you have a passion for all things Italian? Then, we are on the same page.

  • During our consultation, I will assess your level and evaluate your learning strategies so far. After that, we will have time to get to know each other during a 4 lesson discovery course.

    The Italian discovery course will tackle all of the principal areas of Italian Language Learning. It will help us to point out the areas that you need to spend more time to take your Italian to the next level.

  • All my programs aim at helping you to become an independent and successful learner of Italian.

    I am a polyglot and life long language learner. Speaking foreign languages has always brought enormous pleasure and (professional benefits!) throughout my life. I want the same for you! 

    Each program is strictly personalized and includes the best available Italian learning content on the market and my expertise as an avid language learner and Polyglot fluent in 8 languages.

    You will receive an evaluation at the end of each month.

    Smart Language Learning is all about making the most out of the little time you have to study.


  • For your convenience, I always conduct the lessons online via Zoom or Skype. All you need is a reliable connection and a laptop. The best way to meet everywhere, anytime, no matter you are sitting in your office or kitchen on the other side of the world.


Here is what students say about me

Serena turns my mistakes into dynamic learning opportunities by coaching me during our conversations without interrupting them. Her preparation for our conversations is apparent when she seems to have anticipated every misstep I could possibly make. Serena is a language coach. Her style is adapted by my needs, unlimited by textbook learning and unnecessary memorization

Aldo, Washington

Serena is extremely prepared and thorough with varying topics and mini-lessons within the lesson. Her lessons are fun and delightful!

Wendy, Florida
Real Estate




  • 3x weekly exclusive private lessons (30 minutes)
  • Self-study guide with HW assignment and full personalized feedback and corrections (each Monday)
  • Expert mentoring throughout the process 

Price per month : 450 euros 

Price for 3 months :  1300 euros (two installments possibile)



  • 4x weekly exclusive private lessons (30 minutes) 
  • Self-study guide with HW assignment and full personalized feedback and corrections (each Monday)
  • Expert mentoring throughout the process 
  • Weekly wrapping-up and evaluation
  • Personalized Google folder with tailored material 

Price per month : 590 euros 


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