Fast Track Italian Course

For Beginners

How does the Fast Track Italian Course work?

Why joining my Fast Track online course

Reach your goals fast instead of lingering on the same plateau for months or years.

Instead of taking Italian once per week for many years, why don’t you learn every second day for three months? The money you invest may be the same; the results ten times better.

There is no secret recipe for becoming fluent in Italian in a short time – but there is a secret ingredient: consistency and continuous feedback. Some students commit to learning once per week for years, and they are never happy with their results.

Taking a long break in between lessons might slow down your overall learning approach.

This fast-track course will be ideal for complete beginners too.

Is the fast-track italian program for me?

This program is suitable for absolute beginners, beginners and intermediate Italian learners.

What is relevant is not your level, but your approach to learning.

Do you have a growth mindset? Do you have a passion for all things Italian? Then, we are on the same page.

We have only success stories. Most of our students cover a level in less in 3 months. If you had to learn at a regular language school and in group classes, the expected time to cover each level is 6 to 8 months. By committing to this flow, we guarantee you will not reach your learning goals but save time.

Discovery Course

During our consultation, I will assess your level and evaluate your learning strategies so far. After that, we will have time to get to know each other during a 4 lesson discovery course.

The Italian b will tackle all of the principal areas of Italian Language Learning. It will help us to point out the areas that you need to spend more time to take your Italian to the next level.

Why learning with Smart Italian Learning

All my programs aim at helping you to become an independent and successful learner of Italian.

I am a polyglot and life long language learner. Speaking foreign languages has always brought enormous pleasure and (professional benefits!) throughout my life. I want the same for you! 

Each program is strictly personalized and includes the best available Italian learning content on the market and my expertise as an avid language learner and Polyglot fluent in 8 languages.

You will receive an evaluation at the end of each month.

Smart Language Learning is all about making the most out of the little time you have to study.

What content do we use?

Each course comprises a grammar and vocabulary textbook and a colorful set of short storybooks or comics. 

We only use top-notch and modern material. 

We don’t want you to feel all over the places with your Italian

The in-person lessons have a high communicative approach. However, we recognize that having an excellent textbook on the side will give you a sense of direction during your Italian learning journey. The textbooks and short stories we use are specially designed for self-study.

How the lessons happen?

The lessons happen on Zoom. You will be assigned a personal Google Folder and your HW and notes will appear on separate Google Docs. Depending on the number of lessons you plan, We will provide you with self-study lesson plan.

How is going to be the instructor?

Your teacher will be your reliable guide. We don’t work for someone else, and we do this because out of love for our profession. Teaching Italian is our full-time job, and we are enticed by our students’ success and motivated by transforming the lives of our students through Italian learning. 

Our motto is, there are not bad students. Instead, some students are trained, and some students are not

We give you the right tools to learn efficiently and find clarity during your Italian exam preparation journey. 

Ciao, I'm Serena!


I’m the creative force behind both this blog and my collection of short stories in simple Italian for language learners, available on Amazon. With a heart full of wanderlust and a deep love for language learning, I’m on a mission to help adults worldwide unlock the secrets of learning languages and become fluent Italian speakers.


Immersive Flow

  • Personalized learning flow according to your learning style (at any level, learn vocabulary and conversation through short stories and grammar in contextual way)
  • 4 exclusive personalized private lessons per week (30 minutes)
  • 4 short homework assignment and full personalized feedback and corrections every week
  • Expert mentoring throughout the process
  • A personalized Google folder with tailored material

What does “accountability
mean for us?

Most Italian courses, no matter if they happen online or in-person, focus on having the learners consume information on the spot without creating a structure to help them learn Italian outside of the class.

We do it differently. Because we have been language learners too, and we know that that’s not the most efficient approach.

We base our teaching approach on the concept that in-person lessons should give valuable guidance and feedback to the students. Still, real learning happens outside of the class when you experience and play with the language independently.

<p">In all our Italian online classes and programs, we create a structure to help you flirt with the language both after and before the lesson.</p">

We will also always correct your homework, polish your mistakes, and give you feedback that will enable you to constantly advance. All this without feeling lost or overwhelmed along the way. That’s what we call accountability.

  • We hold you accountable for completing all tasks required to advance fast and smart.
  • We help you internalize information, rather than just consuming it.
  • We love giving you a strategy and framework that will make you a stellar Italian speaker.

Italian curriculum for absolute beginners

Vocabulary: Talking about yourself, family, and friends. Describing your hobbies, habits, house, city, country. Learn how to ask questions when you are in Italy. Describing past events. Giving advice Ask for information. Talk about the weather, the seasons, and nature. Describing and buying food. Providing your opinions on basic topics.

Grammar: the pronunciation, the present tense, the number and gender of adjectives, the numbers, the modal verbs, the verb “I like“, the reflexive verbs, the past tense, the present continuous, the impersonal form, the simple prepositions and pronouns.

Short stories: our beginner students don’t memorize sentences from apps or pre-set dialogues: they develop conversational skills naturally by reading and listening to engaging short stories!

We use textbooks!

Yes! Because we are humans, we are aware that we can’t retain all the information provided in a class. Your textbook will be your go-to resource to double-check what you are not sure about or what you have forgotten (because we forget all the time!).

Most importantly, your textbook will help us follow a structure and define your learning goals.

Our entire content library is digital and interactive.However, hard copies are available too.

I don’t teach you just Italian. I share with you a creative and effective method to learn any foreign language.