Online Italian Conversation Practice

Small groups – 4 ppl max

Do you aspire to become fluent in Italian or do you simply want to improve your Italian speaking skills?

Join my “Salotto Italiano“! Salotto Italiano is a series of events where three or four highly motivated Italian learners  come together to converse in a friendly, educational, and respectful environment. We offer conversation practice groups for advanced beginners (A2), lower-intermediate (A2+/B1), and upper-intermediate students (B1++/B2).

Curious about why I started this “speaking club”?

As an experienced language teacher, I have primarily focused on one-on-one Italian teaching throughout my career. However, as an advanced speaker of English as a foreign language, I encountered situations where English became the common language in social interactions, and I found myself panicking, even as a proficient speaker. This experience made me realize the importance of excelling not only in one-on-one interactions but also in group settings.

Speaking vs. Communicating 

Group settings don’t require only speaking skills, but communication skills (e.g. listening, replying, contextual  coherence or even joking!). 

Speaking in a foreign language in front of others can be daunting, but like any skill, it’s learnable!

Join my Salotto Italiano and practice your Italian communication skills in a social and natural context.

Four reasons why you should consider joining a group conversation class in Italian

The Power of Group Learning

  • Group sessions provide supportive and dynamic environment.
  • Learn from your peers and build confidence together.
  • Practice speaking in a natural, social context.

Overcoming Speaking Anxiety

  • Our class fosters a non-judgmental and encouraging atmosphere.
  • The instructor will guide the conversation and make sure that everybody is allocated the right amount of speaking time.
  • We’re a bunch of friendly people.
  • In the class, you’ll not only learn how to speak better Italian, but also how to COMMUNICATE better in a natural social context.

Content Of The Conversation

  • Greetings and introduction.
  • Short ice-breaker.
  • One or two engaging and modern topics based on photos, short texts, or articles. Depending on your level, you will also receive a set of activities or conversation prompts to warm up your Italian before the class.
  • Basic Italian Conversation for A2 groups.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Small class size: maximum of four students per session with the same level.
  • Ensures personalized attention and ample speaking opportunities.
  • Interesting and cultural relevant topics (you’ll receive a short article with conversation prompts before each session).
  • You’ll receive the notes of the conversation in PDF format for your review.


Italian Conversation Group

Italian Conversation Group

Italian Conversation Group

Ciao, I'm Serena!

I'm a passionate teacher of Italian as a foreign language with over 10 years of experience. I've taught Italian in Japan, the UK, Slovakia, and Spain, both online and offline. My main focus today is on creating the best possible learning materials and experiences to enhance Italian fluency among adult language learners.

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