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Learn with my short story method:

Having spent the last eight years teaching Italian to native English speakers, I’ve come to realize that the most challenging part of learning Italian is putting all of the grammar and vocabulary they’ve picked up along the way together to form complete sentences. 

A few years ago, after trying a few “fluency approaches,” I decided to use short stories in simple Italian as a way to give my students something to talk about during our classes. And then I figured that the more my students talked about the stories they had read and heard, the easier it became for them to construct complete sentences. 


Due to reading simple Italian stories multiple times, they would learn the correct order of words in sentences. In addition, I quickly realized that by selecting the right stories, I would always provide my students with new and relevant vocabulary to discuss in our classes (instead of using the same old conversation topics).

It took me a while, but eventually, I come up with the right ideas to write my own short stories, which you can now purchase on Gumroad and will soon be available on Amazon as well. 

All my Italian short stories are easy readings and include an audiobook narrated by me a flashcards set which I made. They’re designed for beginners and intermediate learners and created with native English speakers in mind. They are also culturally relevant and will aid you in your understanding of Italy and Italian through real-life dialogues and situations.

Short Stories in Simple Italian with Audiobooks & Flashcards 

Learning Challenges (ideal if you want to be held accountable in your study routine)


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