11 Italian YouTubers to improve your Italian listening skills

11 Italian YouTubers to improve your Italian listening skills

Being an Italian Language Coach and an avid language learner I know that tuning-up your Italian listening skills can be hard, as resources can be scarce.

The good news is that there are thousands of free Italian videos on Youtube that can help you to take your Italian to the next level the smart way.

One of my best tips is to pick up an Italian YouTuber discussing a topic that you are passionate about and follow her channel for a while. Sticking to one Italian youtube channel will be beneficial especially because you will give yourself the time to: 

  • get acquainted with her accent
  • learn recurring Italian idioms or figures of speech
  • acquire the vocabulary related to the topic you are passionate about 

How can you make the most out of an Italian video?

  1. Listen actively. Of course, it is not when you are listening to something in the background while doing your cleanings on Saturday morning that you will magically internalize new words. 
  2. Blend together your interests with Italian language learning: the rule of thumb of smart language learning is to surround yourself with interesting and meaningful Italian learning material. Do you want to learn about vegetarian cooking? Learn in Italian on Youtube! 
  3. Use the Italian language purposefully. Use the language to catapult yourself in a different (Italian) world. The ideal situation is combining your hobbies with Italian Language learning. Do you like traveling? Watch Italian videos about traveling. Like this, you don’t study Italian, but you use Italian.

Pros of using Italian Youtube channels as a learning resource

  1. YouTubers use day-to-day language: saving time and squeezing two hobbies on the same slot is not the only advantage of using youtube as a learning resource. YouTubers almost always use a day-to-day Italian vocabulary and idioms that will let you learn the language that Italians speak.
  2. Italian and English subtitles
  3. They are free  
  4. They tell a story: most Italian youtubers like to share their lives and stories, like this you learn Italian in a climax. You want to follow the next episode because you know what is going to happen.
  5. They’re great if you are an auditory learner because you tend to memorize and assimilate Italian while listening. If you still don’t know what your learning style is, find it out here.
  6. They are not thetypical students tailored material. You will listen to and learn the real Italian language.


Italian YouTubers 

Prossima Fermata Giappone

Italian channel ran a girl who moved to Tokyo and shares stories about how life in Japan is and specifically in Tokyo, from an Italian perspective.

Stefano Mongardi

Italian guy living in LA, California. His channel is mix-mash of life in America, lifestyle and making a living working online. All in Italian.

in Viaggio col Tubo

Beautiful Italian Youtube channel for travel-addicted. These guys vlog about incredible places in Italy and abroad and share a lot of practical traveling hacks in Italian. The Italian video guides come with English subtitles too.


LUMOWELL – Benessere 360

A fantastic Italian Youtube Channel about all things wellness, including work out, nutrition and health.

Marcello Ascani

Are you curious about how an Italian 20-years something YouTuber makes a living out of producing videos? Check out this Channel. Marcello speaks with a very clear Italian accent and always comes with unique insights about life when you work online.

Marco Montemagno

Marco is a digital entrepreneur & broadcaster. I love his channel. He has an opinion on all the new trends in the fields of tech, communications and personal development and matches it all with his great sense of humor.

Casa Surace

mini sit-coms made by a group of Southern Italian flatmates and friends living in the Nord. They joke about the cultural difference between the Southern and Northern way of living. Warning: super fun but with a lot of different accents and Southern slang.

Breaking Italy

 an online show on air from Monday to Friday. The host tackles the most discussed breaking news in Italy and the world. I like his way of commenting the news with a critical point of view.

Les ritals

 Online mini sit-com about a couple of Italian friends living in Paris with English, French and Italian subtitles.


Brian is an American young man who has been living in Rome for a while. He speaks Italian very well and clearly. I like his videos because he speaks about Italy and Italians from a foreigner’s point of view, plus he is super fun.

Il Goloso Mangiar Sano

a channel about healthy cooking and plenty of healthy recipes. Good for your diet and your Italian.

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