41 Italian sentences related to language learning

If you are here, it’s because you have already decided to start off your Italian language learning journey. Odds are that you find your self talking about the joys and pains of language learning. If so, I am pretty sure that, from time to time, you find yourself engaged in a conversation with your tutor or friends where the trend topic is language learning!

Well, this is why you should definitely get a good grasp of some common sentences related to the world of studying a foreign language.

As you might notice, the first 20 sentences are more suitable for beginner/ intermediate students, whilst the following ones are more advanced students.

1.Fare un tandemTo do a language exchange
2.Perfezionare una lingua stranieraTo perfect a foreign language
3.Scegliere un corso di lingueTo choose a language course
4.Non avere paura di sbagliareNot being afraid to speak
5.Conoscere una linguaTo know a language
6.Perfezionare l’accentoTo perfect the accent
7.Essere madrelinguaTo be mother tongue
8.Imparare una frase idiomaticaTo learn an idiomatic sentence
9.Memorizzare una parolaTo memorize a word
10.Scrivere un diarioTo write a journal
11.Tradurre To translate
12.Parlare una lingua correttamenteTo speak a language fluently
13.Iscriversi ad un corso di lingueTo sign up for a language course
14.Guardare un film in lingua originaleTo look a movie in its original language
15.Cercare una parola nel dizionarioTo search a work in the dictionary
16.Migliorare la comprensione orale To better oral comprehension
17.Fare una full-immersionTo do a full-immersion
18.Essere mulitlingueTo be multilingual
19.Essere poliglottaTo be a polyglot
20.La mia lingua madreMy mother tongue
21.Prendere lezioni privateTaking private lessons
22.Cercare un partner linguisticoLooking for a language partner
23.Padroneggiare una lingua stranieraTo have a good command of a foreign language
24.Il significato letterale di una parolaThe literal meaning of a word
25.Il significato figurato di una parolaThe figurative meaning of a word
26.Capire il senso di un’espressioneTo get the sentiment of an expression
27.Scaricare un eBookTo download an eBook
28.Stile di apprendimento Learning style
29.Partecipare a un ritiro linguisticoTo join a language retreat
30.Dedicare tempo allo studio di una linguaTo devote time to language learning
31.Esprimersi in italianoTo express o.s. In Italian
32.Essere arrugginito To be rusty
33.Parlare con scioltezzaTo speak with advanced fluency
34.Non afferrare il significato di una parolaNot being able to catch the meaning of a word
35.Parlare la lingua dei segniTo speak the sign language
36.Sperimentare una cultura diversaTo experience a different culture
37.Abbattere la barriera linguisticaTo break down the language barrier
38.Riprendere in mano una linguaTo refresh a language
39.Rinfrescare una linguaTo refresh a language
40.adottare un’ abitudine To embrace a habit
41.Assimilare To assimilate

If you found this list useful, take the chance to make your own flashcards out of the list or use the quizlet flashcard below. You can download the PDF and store in your files or print it out, by clicking on the link below.

Happy Italian learning!