How to get your CELI 2 certification

What is the CELI 2?

The CELI 2 is an official Language Certificate issued by the University of Perugia, Italy, to demonstrate to the Italian government, an Italian university institution or an employer in Italy a B1 (intermediate) level of competence in the Italian Language.

The CELI 2 test evaluates the student competencies in listening, reading, speaking, and writing Italian at an intermediate level. 

THE CELI 2 Certification will attest that you have mastered the basics of Italian and have now practical language skills for everyday use. 

How to pass the CELI 2 Exam

You should have a solid background of  the basics of Italian grammar and thus you should have already reached a B1 level (Italian level B1 is the third level of Italian in the Common European Framework of Reference).

To successfully pass the exam, you should have a solid understanding of intermediate Italian grammar and vocabulary.

Specifically, the CELI 2 focuses on A2 and B1 grammar topics (beginner + lower intermediate grammar topics).

What’s the structure of CELI 2?

The CELI 2 exam consists of three ‘prove’ and a 10 minute speaking test. 

  1. Prova di comprensione della lettura (prova A) – reading comprehension (1 hour)
  2. Prova di produzione di testi scritti (prova B) – writing comprehension (1 hour)
  3. Prova di comprensione dell’ascolto (prova C) – listening comprehension (20 minutes)
  4. Prova di produzione orale – speaking task (10-12 minutes)

CELI 2 Exam SectionsDescriptionDuration
PROVA A (Reading)– 5 short reading exercises – Texts to read – Gap-filling exercises– 1 hour
PROVA B (Writing)– 3 short writing assignments – Fictional questionnaire to complete – Two short texts/emails (90-100 words each)– 1 hour
PROVA C (Listening)– 3 short listening prompts – Multiple-choice questionnaires based on audio prompts– 20 minutes
PROVA DI PRODUZIONE ORALE (Speaking)– Lasts about 10-12 minutes – Italian speaking exam recorded – Divided into three sections: 1. Brief self-introduction 2. Role play with examiner (e.g., restaurant complaint, giving advice) 3. Description of a visual prompt with possible examiner questions.– 10-12 minutes
Celi 2 exam tasks

How can I take the exam?

You can take the exam virtually worldwide at any accredited Italian Language Centers or in Italy (list here)

Every year there are three sessions in Italy and two in the rest of the world. 

You should sign up and pay for the exam with at least one month’s notice. 

The cost of the exam is around 100 euros/120 dollars. It may cost slightly less or more depending on your chosen center for the exam. To find out the dates, check out the CELI official webpage.

You should also know that…

If you pass just two tasks in four, let’s say part “A” and “C” – on your next exam you will need to complete only the other two (part “B” and the speaking section”), and the cost of the whole exam will be reduced. 

The Celi 2 Exam for Citizenship

If you’re eligible to apply for Italian citizenship through marriage or residency, you will be required to pass an intermediate Italian language exam and often provide your language certification.

The CELI 2 i Cittadinanza (Celi 2 for Citizenship) p is slightly shorter and simpler than the regular CELI 2. However, it still requires an intermediate proficiency in Italian grammar and vocabulary.

The exam is divided into 5 sections and lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes.

The CELI 2 Cittadinanza is offered only in Italy (while the regular CELI 2 is available worldwide). If you’re looking for options to obtain a B1 for Citizenship Certification, you’d better check out the CILS B1 for Citizenship, which is instead offered worldwide.

More info about the CELI 2 I Cittadinanza here.

Exam samples here.

Helpful Preparation Textbooks for the CELI 2 Exam

Celi B1 texbook
Celi B1 texbook
Celi B1 texbook

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