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I am Certified Italian Language Coach, Polyglot and Communication Consultant. I love guiding lifelong learners from all over the world to master the Italian Language and empower their lives and professions through smart language learning.



Our three key principles  



You will be never left alone.  You will be guided and receive meaningful feedback every week/month.


self-study program Italian


Every human is a different world. Every student has a unique learning style. I am not here to inculcate you my learning approach, instead, to help you find your best learning style to Italian language learning. 




The key to master any subject is enjoying what you are learning and the way your are learning. 

Learn Italian with accountability* 

Fast-track program 

✔ for absolute and false beginners  

✔ for this who like our learning approach start fast, build-up and slow down 

✔ fort those who want to gift themselves the beautify of speaking another language 

Activate your Italian through story-telling 

 4 or 8 lesson program with one or two short stories (depending on your flow)

✔ For false beginners, lower and upper intermediate who have hit a learning plateau 

✔ lessons for individuals or small groups 

✔ a proved innovative and efficient natural method to become more fluent in Italian AT ANY LEVEL

Activate your spoken Italian (traditional course)

✔ you want to improve dramatically your Italian conversational skills 

✔ you have hit a learning plateau

✔ you want to polish up your Italian of imperfections and recurring errors

✔ you want to be head accountable for you learning 

What does accountability mean for us? 

Most Italian courses, no matter if they happen online or in-person, focus on having the learners consuming information on the spot without creating a structure to help them learn Italian outside of the class.  

We do it differently. Because we have been language learners too and we know that that’s not the most efficient approach. 

We base our teaching approach on the concept that in-person lessons shall give valuable guidance and feedback to the students. Still, real learning happens outside of the class when you experience and play with the language independently. 

In all our Italian online classes and programs, we create a structure to help you flirt with the language both after and before the lesson. 

We also always correct your homework, polish your mistakes, and give you feedback that will enable you to advance constantly. All this, without feeling lost or overwhelmed along the way. That’s what we call accountability.

We hold you accountable for completing all tasks required to advance fast and smart.

We don’t like consuming information without mastering it.

We love giving you a strategy and framework that will make you a stellar Italian speaker. 

One time lesson on your favorite topic 

✔ A one-time lesson to help you navigate a typical difficult Italian topic (language or cultural-based)

✔ 55-minute meeting  

✔ a mini assignment to complete before the meeting with feedback and correction  

✔ No commitment 

Get your Italian routine fixed – mentoring class 

✔ you want to have your Italian assessed by a professional Italian language coach 

✔ you want to learn the top learning strategies on how to expand and retain your Italian vocabulary

✔ you feel a lack of direction or you don’t know what content to use to advance your Italian

✔ you seek guidance building the habit of learning Italian

✔ one – time meeting 

    Don’t learn harder, learn smarter with a professional Italian Language Coach and Polyglot

    CILS & CELI exam preparation 

    ✔ you need to pass an exam certification for working or citizenship reason 

    ✔ you think that earning an Italian certification can help you fuel your Italian routine

    ✔ you like to work towards a learning goal


    Here is what learners from all aver the world say about me

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